Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona

Living MWC2018: our logbook

Living MWC2018: our logbook
01 Mar 2018
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Paolo and Claudia – 27th January 2018


Can you describe these first days at MWC18 with an adjective?

Futuristic: living the present and looking to the future.



"Living the present" refers to RCS: we took part in the conference about the new frontiers of SMS. RCS is a protocol already defined by the GSM standard, presented last year here in Barcelona. This year the "early adopters" showed the performances of first tests carried our on a specific target and the feedback was amazing. We feel great enthusiasm concerning RCS: just think about that companies such as Google and Samsung are on it.

The "look towards the future" is represented by the development of SMS as a communication channel.


Give us one word about the atmosphere there at MWC18!

Electrifying, especially in Pavilion 8.1 (where we are): people are just crazy! Here is much more lively compared to the other pavilions. The world of "SMS" is more topical than ever.


What is the best encounter you had until today?

We participated to several meetings, besides the one about RCS. I would say that the most surprising encounter is the talk we had with a nice couple, more than 80 years old, working on GSM protocol. They didn't have a solution for our needs; nonetheless, they gave us an interesting lecture about various BTS sending SMS. One can learn something new everyday, and the source of the information can be even more surprisingly!


And the best thing happened to you today?

Maybe there was no need, but we had the proof that the future of SMS is towards RCS.


Business trips are often a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues better, to spend some time with them outside the office.

There's a figure of speech saying: "Each day you learn something new is not a wasted day " - What did you learn today?

During these days in Barcelona we learned to be a team. We already knew each other but there's a difference between being a "group" and a "team". It is easy to be a group when there are no defined roles, the tough part comes when roles and responsibilities are distributed. I'm not just saying: RDCOM is really a team and here in Barcelona I realised how great we are!


Last but not least, never say "ne ne" when you are talking to a Greek and to a Croatian at the same time: they use this kind of expression like Italian do but it has a completely different meaning so the risk of making a mess is just around the corner!