A2P SMS: What is it and why should we use it?

If P2P SMS has reached maturity, the volume of A2P SMS messages continues to grow significantly.
09 Jan 2018
Published in: Mobile concept

What does A2P mean?

A2P stands for Application to Person and indicates the sending of messages from an application to users.  On the other hand, P2P means Person to Person and refers to the sending of SMS messages between users.


A2P SMS:  when and why is it used?

A2P SMS is often called “professional SMS” because it is used by companies which send automated SMS messages to their customers and/or to potential new ones by means of applications.

Companies use SMS to achieve many different goals.  They prefer this communication channel because it’s fast, it has a high read rate and it’s universal because it’s available on any type of mobile phone.  Let’s have a look at the main uses of A2P SMS.


Promotional SMS messages

One use of A2P SMS is for sending coupons, discount codes and promotions.  This tool is especially useful for small businesses that need to attract new customers and secure the loyalty of existing ones.  Customers receive an incentive to purchase that is more practical than traditional paper coupons because the promotion is always available on their mobile phones.


SMS messages for security notifications

These messages include SMS notifications sent from banks for access to home banking and to make payment transfers.  These SMS messages have to be sent securely and immediately to allow customers to act quickly in the case of unauthorized access or transactions.


SMS messages for reminder notifications

SMS messages are the fastest way of sending reminders to customers who have made reservations or appointments.  Many companies make use of this SMS service; in the past few years, this means of communication has demonstrated its utility in such delicate sectors as the public health system.